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June 11, 2021

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The easiest way to connect and upskill your team

We’re M.A., Phil, Perdie and Rob, and we’re the Founders of ScaleUP Europe.

With over 20 years combined experience in the tech ecosystem, as Founders, C-levels, Community Managers, and Programme Designers, we’ve seen, we’ve heard and we know what it takes to start and scale a business.

When chatting to a scaleup founder recently, we were discussing the clear shift in focus as a startup evolves into a scaleup, with the attention moving away from founders, to the ability and agility of the wider team to be able to execute at scale. It’s a story we are more than familiar with, and have heard numerous times throughout our conversations with scaleup founders, who spend their time sourcing, attracting and retaining top talent, in a highly competitive sector. They know as well as we do that to scale successfully, ambition is crucial, funding is useful, but a scaling team that is able to execute rapidly is what will make you a success. Identifying talent is a big part of this, but the real force multiplier is successfully nurturing and growing the talent you’ve hired.

There is an abundance of terrific support available for European founders, but little available to fill the knowledge and experience gaps of team members as they transition from early stage employees to department heads. These team members are left either guessing, Googling or on a goose chase, and some of these new-to-the-role leaders have told us how their new found responsibility can be overwhelming, and that without having the right support inside their business, have ended up moving to new roles elsewhere.

We know that after attracting and nurturing your emerging leaders, upskilling and retaining them is top priority. We know that as a growing scaleup, your leaders are often top of the chain in their department and need a place to turn. We know they often turn to founders and the board in search of answers and support, which leaves you making enquiries and intros amongst your own network. We know it’s increasingly difficult for these leaders to learn by osmosis now they’re in a hybrid world. We know they are not alone, but are working in silo. We know there’s a way to connect them, that saves you time and adds huge value to them. 

We’ve been in your shoes, we’ve heard your stories, and we want to give back, ‘because scaling is a team effort’.

We’re ScaleUP Europe, and we’re here as a resource for you to provide to your developing scaleup teams. We’re a peer network where emerging leaders get direct access to their counterparts at leading tech scaleups online and in person, to learn, share and grow.

Want to get involved? Find out more and chat to the team today hello@scaleupeurope.club

ScaleUP Europe - An invite only peer network for developing scaleup teams.

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