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Get direct access to your counterparts at leading tech scaleups.

Scale-up founders continue to ask for better access to their scale-up equals.

Because scaling is a team effort...

Join ScaleUP Europe, an exclusive, free, invite-only members club for scaleup founders and their management teams. Helping senior leaders find and contribute answers to the unique challenges brought about by scaling up.

More and more scaleup founders and their senior teams continue to ask for better access to their scaleup equals. ScaleUP Europe aims to answer this need. The club gives emerging leaders direct access to their counterparts at leading tech scaleups, allowing specialist networks to form around functional areas in peer groups, building trusted support circles from highly relevant industry peers. Which ultimately accelerates and fosters learning, growth and development amongst those who need it most within fast growth teams. 

The club adopts a ‘value-first’ philosophy, which means we operate a low commitment, high reward community that’s free for members, and will always be free. Members can engage as much or as little as they like.

All content is moderated, serving up a crowdsourced knowledge-base of tried-and-tested, relevant solutions that solve key scaleup challenges.

This discovery is driven through the following:

1. Who’s in the Network?

What you have in common is that you work for a scaleup. Beyond that it’s a curated group of scaleup teams both broad and deep - think of it like a network of networks across functional areas for scaleup leaders and teams.

2. What’s its purpose?

Learn, share, connect, support. Every senior leader can benefit from the network. Learn and share best practices, connect at all levels of your company. Support each other practically and emotionally on your scaleup’s journey.

3. Exposing best practice:

Shining a light on new or established excellence, joining the dots for teams and sharp focus on issues that make a difference.  

The club operates a strict “no sales” policy. We’re here to learn, share, support and connect.

What is the membership criteria?

ScaleUP Europe is “value-first” by design, and we want to ensure all members benefit from and contribute to the network. Those who are best aligned to get the most out of the club are companies who: 

- Have a growing team - Your team has grown by more than 20% in the last year

- Be backed by investment or are generating revenue of £1m+

As all scaleups have different indicators of growth, we take a holistic approach to membership selection. Scaleup teams that don’t fit these metrics will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

What does membership include?

Alongside the peer network, ScaleUP Europe will run demand-led content. We’ll curate content based on common questions, conversations and hot topics within the network. We’ll take care of all the leg work, and content will be available to engage with as and how you want. 


Meet our club hosts

A team of moderators like no other.

Rob Stevenson
CCO, Techspace
Perdie Alder
Founder, SPICE
Phil Ellis
Founder, Techspace
Margaret Anne Coyle
Founder, SPICE

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